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Temp-Stop, LLC is a chain of convenience stores based in Lee's Summit Missouri extending South toward the Ozarks Mountains. We currently have 9 store locations and we are expanding every year. We offer the best in fuel from Conoco and Phillips 66 supplied by Carter Energy.

There is a difference at Temp-Stop. The difference flows from our clerks, managers, and employees and ends up putting a smile on our customers' faces and makes our job worthwhile. The difference is believing that working hard to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations will give us back a piece of what we put in to our work.

Our customers keep coming back not only because of our convenience but because of that unspoken, harmonious agreement that we work hard for our customers so they will keep bringing us their smiles and appreciation. That's a Temp-Stop difference.

Temp-Stop, LLC was formed to acquire, build, and operate high-class convenience stores to serve the public with high quality and responsibly priced gasoline, diesel, food, convenience items, and car washes.

On March 13th 1998, Terry Green, Tim Green, and Jerry Bain (equity partner) purchased the retail operations of Gerken Oil and renamed the operations Temp-Stop, LLC. Temp-Stop is short for "Temporary Stop" as well as a play on words with the equity partner's company Temp-Con.

Gerken Oil was operating 5 retail units located around the Lake of the Ozarks, as well as operating a bulk oil plant, transportation vehicles, and operating a wholesale division supplying several other retailers with Phillips 66 gasolines. Simultaneous to the purchase, the wholesale unit, transportation unit, and bulk oil divisions were spun off to Carter Energy (wholesale unit), and Nicks Transportation (bulk oil and transportation).

Throughout 1999 Temp-Stop, LLC developed their 6th site located in Pleasant Hill, Missouri. Opened on September 21, 1999, the unit was co-branded with a Taco Bell "Power Pumper" design. The TacoBell unit was leased to KMAC Enterprises through a longterm lease arrangement.

October 9th, 1999 Temp-Stop purchased the operations of two Lee's Summit, Missouri ASAP convenience stores. Both stores were part of the retirement initiative of Sam Carter.

Throughout 2000, Temp-Stop and Temp-Con developed their new corporate office in Lee's Summit, Missouri. The development was a state of the art facility with 16,000 sq. ft. for administrative, storage, and manufacturing.

October 2001 Terry Green and Tim Green successfully purchased Jerry Bain's membership interest in Temp-Stop, LLC. Terry Green now owns 82% of the outstanding member interests, and Tim Green owns the remaining 18% of the outstanding member interests.

Throughout 2003, and opened October 15th, 2003, Temp-Stop developed and opened it 9th retail unit located at what's known as the Lake Lotawana area just east of Lee's Summit and south of Blue Springs.

Throughtout 2003 and occupied April 1, 2004 Temp-Stop, LLC developed their new corporate office in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

At Temp-Stop, we have not just one mission, but three. We have our main dedication to our customers, but we are also dedicated to our employees. That's another Temp-Stop difference.

For our customers, our mission is to bring you the very best experience and fastest stop you can make to fuel up while providing quality products and services at competitive prices.

For our store location clerks and managers, our mission is to greet our customers with smiling faces, knowledgeable minds, and quick hands to do the job quickly, effectively, and pleasantly to keep our valuable customers coming back.

For our office employees, our mission is to seek to be on top of technology, innovate convenience store management methods, and allow our store location clerks and managers to be happier, faster, and more effective at their jobs.

Because we have three missions, one might think we are going to need three mission plans as well. That's not entirely correct. Instead we have three core values that all Temp-Stop employees use to guide our decisions.

All of our missions might involve different people at different locations in the end, but the missions begin with one thing: communication. We listen very well. Listening to what others have to say is the basis for change for the better. Changing without input from others usually leads to disaster.

So we want to hear from you. If you are a customer or an employee, please give us your feed back either in person at one of our locations or here at feedback@tempstop.com. Your feed back will help us to help you.

The second part of our plan is good old fashioned reason and hard work. This strong work ethic backed up with strong minds is one of the other Temp-Stop differences. It provides a working foundation which we know will lead us far in to the future as we strive for excellence in serving our customers. All of us, from the clerks in the stores to the managers in the home office, work to assure that this mission remains a reality.

The third core value is quality. Quality is key to our customers and we know and respect that. Because of this, we want to be sure to research what the best available products and technologies are available, deliberate about them, and then implement them in our stores. We know by being both forward looking and not ever compromising on quality will help us fulfill our missions.

About the Owner Terry S. Green

Born in Independence, Missouri, Terry was raised in a middle-class family with one brother and one sister. After high-school graduation in 1985, Terry earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree is Business Adminsitration with a major in Finance in 1989 from Central State Missouri University. During his education, Terry worked for three different entrepreneurs which helped him set his goal of self-employment.

Terry left his position as operations manager and COO of the New Wave Food Marts and New Trail Travel Centers in order to build Temp-Stop. New Wave was a consolidation of 12 corporate entities operating 18 different locations including 11 convenience stores, 3 travel centers (located in western Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri), and 3 24 hour family-style restaurants, and 1 motel.

Since then Terry has grown Temp-Stop from the ground up and is expanding all the time. Terry is currently active in the operations and is serving as President and Managing Member of Temp-Stop, LLC.

About the owner: Tim Green

Tim is not only co-owner of Temp-Stop, LLC, but is also active in the operations and is serving as Vice-President of Operations and is also a Managing Member of Temp-Stop, LLC.


24 Hours

   Most Temp-Stop locations are open and serving our customers 24 hours a day.   
   Pay-At-The-Pump    All locations have pay at the pump technology for quick and easy payment.   

Debit Cards We Accept
  • Accel
  • Affn
  • Cash Station
  • IT Instant Teller
  • Interlink
  • MAC
  • Maestro
  • NYCE
  • Pulse Pay
  • Star
Pay at the Pump Limits
MasterCard Fleet$146
Visa Fleet$125
ConocoPhillips Co-Brand MasterCard$95
ConocoPhillips Personal Card$125
ConocoPhillps Commercial Card$25
ConocoPhillips Fleet Card$400
Wright Express (WEX)$350

Major Credit Cards We Accept

Also see specialty Conoco and Phillips 66 credit cards available.

* We currently do not offer cash back using your debit card, however all of our stores are equipped with ATM's.

* Some locations have the Debit option to pay at the pump, but all have the ability to use credit at the pump.


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* Although every effort is made to give you the latest unleaded fuel prices at our stores, availability and accuracy of this information is not guaranteed.


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